A little about me…

Gardening: I live in the U.S., in Wisconsin.  I plan to share my gardening endeavors, so my selection of outdoor plants will be of appropriate hardiness for this area.  I do container garden and bring in some more tender tropical plants for the winter.  My wife and I try our best to garden and cook organically as much as budget and availability allow.  We have a decent-sized yard, but somewhat of a limit to our planting space, so we want to maximize its potential.  I enjoy finding new, unique, rare, and useful plants.

Writing: I haven’t had much published officially yet, but it’s one of my goals.  A blog helps partially accomplish some of this, I suppose?  I don’t restrict myself to one genre; I’m a fan of poetry, prose, drama, novels, and et cetera expression.  I enjoy consumption as much as I do creation.

Cooking: I’ve always enjoyed cooking as a form of expression, stress relief, and unity among people.  It’s a great way to bring hungry people, friends and family alike, together.  If some of my earliest attempts accomplished anything, it was to light the fire for later.  I have been more inspired lately than ever before.  This interest dovetails naturally with gardening… I’m always looking for that new spice or flavor to try.  There’s always something new to learn or discover.

Always to be continued….

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