The Link List – Recipes & More!

A page in progress…

These are links that piqued my interest, but would make my links lists excessively long, and I thought I’d share them as sort-of-an-index (searchable).


Coffee Stout Beer Float – Wisconsin Cheese

Forest Service Cocktail Construction Chart

New Glarus –  Tale of the Spotted Cow

Spirited Republic- Alcohol in American History (Exhibit)



Physalis Peruviana

Monticello’s Vegetable and Herb Seeds

“Epic Tomatoes” via A Way to Garden (Also tips on dense seedling planting and container growing)


Recipes/Misc Food:

Browning Butter How-to- Joy the Baker

Eat More Flowers (Edible Flowers) – Yahoo Food

Food in Jars

Recipe Videos on Youtube- Kenmore

Too much of a good thing? Superfoods.

Food Safety for Barbecues – USDA



Spiced Rice Breakfast Porridge- Food & Wine

Slow Cooker Yogurt- A Way to Garden



Pizza: 5 Healthy Versions – Everyday Health

‘Pulled Pork’ Spaghetti Squash – Greatist

5 Essential Pasta Sauces – Yahoo Food




Beer Pretzels Recipe- Mr. Beer

Smoky Black Bean Dip- That Skinny Chick


Recommendations: Newman’s Own Pomegranate Licorice (with Organic Sugar)

Marketside Sesame Ginger Dressing

Choceur 49% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar – Aldi

Bai coconut water



Root Vegetable Peel Chips- Tasting Table (“Waste Not”)

Swiss Chard- Simply Recipes


Copycat Homemade Candy Bars – SheKnows

Lemony Lace Cookies- Food 52

Scottish Macaroons (with potatoes!) – Huffington Post

Coconut Arborio Rice Pudding – AOL Food




Oral Histories of Wisconsin Farms- Wisconsin Public Radio

Simma’s Bakery

The Pinecone


Write that Page-Turner-

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