The Beer and Wine List

These are some of my personal beer and wine recommendations.  I’m fairly adventurous with sampling, so the flavors you find here will represent a wide range.  (Links provided for your convenience!)  Give them a try (and watch for more updates.)  This list is meant to be more inclusive than exclusive; expand your taste horizons!

I’ve also recently started homebrewing with a Mr. Beer (BlogCommunity) kit to begin; I’ve started growing my own hops also (waiting for the hops to catch up yet.)



  • Great Dane Pub –  (Not to single any one out, and I don’t think they’re brewing it at the moment, but the ginger shandy was awesome.)
  • Lots of Leinenkugel’s
  • New Glarus – Thumbprint Series (always new and different!), Wisconsin Belgian Red
  • Shiner 106 – Birthday Beer Chocolate Stout
  • Spaten – Oktoberfest




  • Ballatore Cellars, Modesto – Gran Spumante – Sparkling Wine
  • Canvas, Napa – Pinot Noir (Made for Hyatt Hotels by Michael Mondavi)


  • Stone Hill Winery, Multiple Locations – Concord, Rosé Montaigne, Steinberg Red, Vignoles


  •  Door Peninsula Winery, Door County – American Concord Grade (Sweet), Dry Cherry Wine, Panacea Peach
  • Fisher King Winery, Mt. Horeb – Perfection After Dinner Sipping Wine (2013)
  • Lautenbach’s, Door County – Autumn Harvest, Blackberry Blend, Cherry Spumante (NA), Peach Lyte, Plum Lyte, Sangria Splash, Strawberry Lyte, Swedish Lingonberry, Winter Wine
  • Northleaf Winery, Milton – Bright Spirits Cranberry, Clear Lake Road Red (Concord), Deep Roots Red Zinfandel, Park Place Pinot Grigio, Rare Blend Green Apple Riesling,  Redhawk Reserve Riesling, Sunnyview Orchard Blush, Town Square Muscat (Muscato), Volstead Red (Cabernet/Syrah)



Beverage Festivals


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