It wouldn’t be the Christmas season without eggnog.  I just bought a jug today.  (My wife is more a fan than I am, though I like it.)

Eggnog- a brief history:


Guinness and Statistics

“The t-statistic was introduced in 1908 by William Sealy Gosset, a chemist working for the Guinness brewery in Dublin, Ireland (“Student” was his pen name).[1][2][3] Gosset had been hired due to Claude Guinness’s innovative policy of recruiting the best graduates from Oxford and Cambridge to apply biochemistry and statistics to Guinness’ industrial processes.[2] Gosset devised the t-test as a way to cheaply monitor the quality of stout. He published the test in Biometrika in 1908, but was forced to use a pen name by his employer, who regarded the fact that they were using statistics as a trade secret. In fact, Gosset’s identity was unknown to fellow statisticians.[4]”

-From Wikipedia, “Student’s t-test” entry, citations on page:

I had to include this, as I’m working with statistics.  Another innovation brought forth by beer!