Welcome, 2012!

Welcome 2012!  I begin the year with continued apologies for a low posting volume.  I promise- this blog will be built up! (It just may have to wait a bit longer due to current commitments.)  This provides the perfect transition to my more-or-less official-ish resolutions, specific to the topics of my blog.

Writing:  2012 will be the year of creativity.  There’s much writing to do, so it’s time to be inspired!  This blog, poetry, prose- I need to write more.  2011 had much too little of this.

Cooking:  Continue the adventure of new cuisine.  At worst, I don’t care for a particular dish.  No harm done.  I’ve already expanded my range of food options- what’s next?  I’m loving more and more Indian food that I try.  2012- perhaps more Thai?

Gardening:  I hope to try a new plant this year in our limited gardening space.  Maybe it will be in the garden spot, or perhaps in a container.  Varying varieties gives a chance to find a new treasure.  One of my new favorites from last year- red shiso (perilla) looks great amongst all the green with purplish-red leaves and flowers.  Even better, it has wonderfully aromatic foliage (kind of like basil in aromatic power).





Whatever your resolution or lack thereof, make 2012 meaningful.  Numbers are just numbers.  Time is what you make of it.

Indulge and create!

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