I’ve been trying varieties of the commercial veggie burger and am also looking forward to trying this one. Homemade versions have the potential to be so good!

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How do you define the ultimate vegan burger?

Is it the one with the best flavor? Is it the one with a texture closest to a hamburger? Is it the mouth feel?

Sadly, most commercial vegan burgers I’ve tried fail on all these criteria. They tend to be firm like ground beef, but sometimes they can be rubbery. Plus, store-bought vegan burgers are designed to appeal to the broadest audience, so they often lack any complexity of flavor.

I’ve been playing around with different vegan burger recipes trying to find one that has both the right texture and a lot of flavor. The biggest challenge has been finding a recipe that holds together without becoming crumbly when you cook it.

Ground beef has fat which binds the burger together, but vegan burgers tend to be low-fat or fat-free. Mashed up beans make a good binder, but they also can make the vegan burger…

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