Rafferty’s Pizza

Here is post #1 of a few vacation-food related posts.  I have often thought that a restaurant-based vacation would prove to be an intriguing one.  (Perhaps sometime in the future…)  While our most recent vacation was not of this type, I am always eager to find some good eating wherever we are going.  This was a repeat trip to the area, so we were expecting a repeat of tastiness.

Thus, we arrive at one of our dining highlights: Rafferty’s Pizza of Central/Northern Minnesota.

Rafferty's Pizza Header

I am a mega-fan of their cheeseburger pizza.  There are frozen varieties of other brands of cheeseburger pizza in the supermarket, but none compare to theirs.  It captures that burger essence and flavor in a pizza format.  I’ve always enjoyed pickles on hamburger pizzas, also.  I wouldn’t change a thing about their recipe.  It satisfied the craving while making me want to eat more cheeseburger pizza- a delicious conundrum.  It’s unfortunate that more places near us don’t offer cheeseburger pizza on the menu.  (It’s similarly unfortunate that we don’t have a Rafferty’s nearby.)

We also went off of the specialty menu and ordered a classic ham and pineapple, which was also tasty.  Their creation evoked the best of the ham and pineapple mix.  We’d order both pizzas without hesitation again the next time we are near a Rafferty’s.  The true difficulty is trying additional specialties, because we like these so much we have to reorder!

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