Ushahidi: Burger Map

UshahidiYou may not have heard of Ushahidi before, but it is creating a more prevalent social presence in today’s media-rich world.  Ushahidi takes the concept of mapping to a new wiki-laden level.  Rather than the classic paper map, or even online map, it takes user content and comments and integrates them with a mapping feature.  One food-related use that has emerged is Burger Map.  Whereever one might be in the world, someone can find good burger recommendations from peers.  Individuals can also add to the Burger Map to build upon the utility.

It has gained a following through its social activism uses, but follow your hunger to the Burger Map!

The Heart Attack Grill

The Heart Attack Grill (Yes, that’s the name….)

Check out this video detailing the story behind the Heart Attack Grill.  The approach is nearly certain to create conjecture.  The hospital-themed premise, aside from making money, is to create awareness of the weight/health problem in the United States.  I agree with many aspects of the argument, in fact, and I can’t deny that I enjoy a burger and fries every now and then.

The experience of visiting the restaurant and donning a hospital gown certainly would make one think, but is it effective long-term?  What about those who peruse the menu frequently?  Is there blame to be had here for the health of the spokesperson?  It seems the answer may lie somewhere within the opposing arguments.  This technique could be applied in similar contexts (alcohol, smoking, etc).  Is excess an effective countering force for some and a push to obsession for others?  It certainly succeeds in creating attention.  Without the name and theme, it becomes another generic eatery, minus the media focus.