New celery variety

It’s always intriguing to see new produce options available- some are dictated by consumer habits (see below post on seedless watermelon) and some are shaped by other forces (more on that in a later post!)

Whether the addition is simply for more consumer options, for mass distribution for growers, or a contrast for the culinary on plates, new choices always seem to slip into availability.  I hope for the day when even more local/specialized food options are available in food stores.  See the following on red celery:

Picture repost from article- Duda Farm Fresh Foods

Picture repost from article- Duda Farm Fresh Foods

One thought on “New celery variety

  1. There’s an heirloom celery called “English Red.” I think consumers have just become accustomed to seeing only one variety of certain vegetables. The celery we buy in the supermarket is probably a variety that ships and stores reliably. My garden celery (green, “Tango,” I think) didn’t do so well, but I used it anyway to make the most delicious stock ever!

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