Bugged by Bug Repellent?

A highlight in the 8/14/11 Variety section of the Star Tribune (startribune.com/lifestyle) showed an organic alternative to combat the outdoors’ perhaps most pesky inhabitants: insects.  The product is Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Bug Repellent.  It’s free of pesticides and DEET, most importantly.  Elizabeth Dehn, the writer of the article, states “trust me, it works”.

I’m not a fan of getting bitten, but I’ve been leery of spraying on readily available brand name bug spray because of its ingredients.  (Though I don’t know too many people who enjoy its odoriferousness, either.)
It’s not a great idea to go without some sort of defense due to West Nile and similar diseases.  Here is one option for those who don’t like traditional bug sprays.


Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Bug Repellent

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