Standardized Food


Fennel bulb

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There’s a grand range of food available in the world.  We all fall somewhere on a continuum of adventurousness in eating.  I’m not saying I’d be the first to try some of the most extreme examples, but having a curious palate can assist in finding new and outstanding dishes that would otherwise have remained unknown.  If you’re already found epicurean bravery, great!  If not, and you’re willing to try (and you like vegetables), vegetables are a great place to start.  They are perhaps not as intimidating as some proteins.

For those of us who belong to community supported agriculture groups (CSAs), you may get some new foods in that weekly produce box.  (CSAs provide produce for a yearly membership fee, and can be local, organic, and sustainable to reduce the carbon footprint.) I am occasionally left searching for a recipe to fit a previously unused veggie.  Usually, I win two ways:  I find a recipe I can use again, and I have a flavorful dish I did not know before.

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