Tenuta’s (Added Link)



If you haven’t yet visited the local wonder that is Tenutas, you certainly should.  Make it part of a vacation or a foodie excursion!

You won’t be able to avoid the deli counter, as it would be a travesty of epic proportions.  Their tiramisu is sublimely delicious, and their cannoli have the perfect balance between the cream and the pastry.  I’ve only had the pleasure of the desserts, but plan to return for their assortment of other delectable deli foods.

Their shelves are fully stocked with a wide variety of goods, ingredients, and implements for the cook or connoisseur.  A word of advice- bring the shopping cart through right away; you’ll need it!

If you’re too far from Wisconsin, no worries!  Their online catalog is ready to serve.  Check out Tenuta’s; you won’t regret it!

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