Doughnut Day!

Chow Ciao!

(Well, not specifically!  But why can’t every day be doughnut day?)  Doughnuts are definitely a phenomenon; we love our doughnuts!  I recall reading that despite the economy, doughnuts are still a popular item (perhaps because it’s a cheap, tasty, culinary pleasure- affordable for nearly everyone).  As Chef Fabio suggests– let’s not worry about calories here.  Sometimes desserts are just desserts (“stressed” spelled backwards!), but why limit to dessert?  Snacks are ok too!  I’ve had doughnuts from doughnut chains, and those tend to be the best- as the grocery store doughnuts I’m accustomed to tend to lose freshness fast.  These, prepared by Chef Fabio, are the epitome of fresh!  I’d perhaps experiment with cinnamon- there are several varieties available.


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