A Taste of The Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned

My wife and I went to The Old Fashioned (“Inspired by the traditions of Wisconsin taverns and supper clubs”) for a late dinner (if you can call our meal at near-midnight dinner) the other night.  The restaurant is located on the capitol square in Madison, Wisconsin.  We were quickly seated at a nearby table of our choice.  The space was comfortable, and allowed us enough room amid the other customers.  The music was a touch loud, but not unexpected for that time of night.  I sampled the brew of the month, and was happily surprised with a second glass free for their double bubble special.  It was an excellent beer to pair with my meal.  I was torn between the mac and cheese (which I’ve heard is delicious) and the No. 36 – beer battered walleye sandwich, which was my eventual selection.  I also upgraded to include a cup of their beer cheese soup (with popcorn!), but this was no mere cup.  The portions on both my soup and my fish sandwich were appropriately generous, making the meal a great deal for the price.  The soup was wonderfully tasty, and not over-reduced and thick as I might have feared for that time of night.  It paired well with my fish sandwich, which had a nice crunch with the toasted bread and cabbage/radish complement.  The tartar sauce was unique and flavorful.  My wife had a bowl of chili (also very generous-sized), and we also split an order of cheese curds.  Everything was excellent, and service was speedy.  Our server was welcoming and friendly.  We’ll be back, and I recommend giving the restaurant a try if you have not already.

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