The Fireside Review #2

My wife and I went to the Fireside to see Legally Blonde The Musical partly because we had heard it was an excellent show and partly because my wife loves the movie, but it was completely as enjoyable as we were expecting.  The casting was very well done.  It’s always intriguing to compare movies to other iterations of a similar story, like musicals.  This one held true to the original source, as well as adding to it.  If you are thinking of seeing the show- hurry!  The show’s run is almost over.  And, as before, the show was not the only star. Part of the difficulty in choosing a show time is choosing which tasty meal you will get to enjoy.  This time we chose Sunday Brunch (all you can eat!).

Sunday Matinee Brunch
Chef-Carved Jones Cherry Wood Smoked Premium Ham and Roast Breast of Turkey,

(Both were delicious- and juicy.  Nothing’s worse that having dry turkey or ham, which was most certainly NOT the case here.)

Chicken Breast Tempura with Brandied Apricot Sauce,

(I’ve had this before, and I think it is one of my favorites- like a more flavorful and grown-up version of chicken nuggets- with a sophisticated sauce to boot!)

Eggs Benedict on Jones Hickory Smoked Canadian Bacon,

(I’m not a fan of over-easy – runny eggs, but this is definitely a personal preference rather than any comment on the dish.)

Scrambled Eggs,

(Both plain and with vegetables and cheese-  a breakfast classic.)

Jones Cherry Wood Smoked Bacon and All Natural Sausage Patties,

(Another set of delicious breakfast staples.  The bacon is the kind I prefer- not too soft.)

Fresh Norwegian Salmon,

(I love salmon in general, and The Fireside makes theirs well.  It’s a pleasant addition to the buffet- and again, it was not dry- a major plus!)

Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Tomato Butter Sauce,

(This is an example of a dish I would present to someone who says a vegetarian dish can’t be tasty.  I could have just kept eating these, if it wasn’t for all the other food I had to have.)

Bouquetierre of Garden Vegetables,

(A good mix of veggies.)

Beef Tenderloin and Broccoli,

(A nice flavor contrast to the other items on the buffet, paired with rice.)

Buttermilk Pancakes with Maple Syrup,

(I wasn’t in a pancake mood, but my wife enjoyed one of them made with M&Ms.)

and Home Fried Potatoes. 

(These were quite excellent- I’ve had a LOT of this type of potato, and often they are heavy and one-note.  These seemed lighter and had plenty of flavor.)

Your Brunch Buffet is accompanied by Chilled Strawberry Soup,

(Scrumptious and refreshing- a great idea for the start of the meal.  Not too sweet and with real strawberry flavor.)

Pastries from The Fireside Ovens,

(This was the opening item- a perfect appetizer.  A lot of variety and complexity in flavors.)

Banana Crème Brulee,

(A dessert well-done.  I’ve had other brulees of theirs, and they will all have you scraping the dish for the last bit.)

Coffee, Tea and Milk served at your table.

(I always have the coffee- a flavorful blend.)

Thanks again, Fireside, for a wonderful show and tasty meal!!

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