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This is the last (for now) of my vacation-based food reviews from Baxter, MN.  Let me start with a question.  How long do you remember what you had to eat?  Is it possible to go back… a week?  Perhaps- and maybe the memory gets fuzzy after that.  Good food should inspire a good memory- and I still remember what I had (Coconut shrimp and pasta!) when I first visited Prairie Bay, more than a year ago.  (This was a eagerly-awaited repeat trip!)

It is easy to notice the welcoming and classy ambiance right upon entering.  I visited with my wife and sister-in-law for lunch, and the restaurant was busy, but not overly noisy or cluttered.  The most difficult part was choosing what to have with expectations of such delicious food.  I eventually decided on the Chorizo Mango Cilantro Tasty O- their wood-oven take on ham and pineapple pizza.  Now, I am quite a fan of ham and pineapple, but I am also quite devoted to complex and tasty flavors.  This pizza certainly handled my pizza craving while hitting the sweet/salty notes expected from ham and pineapple, plus providing the complexity I desired.  The cilantro was the perfect flavor to complement the chorizo, which was tempered by the mango and the cheese.  The pizza crust is excellent- one of the best I have found.  My food was delivered quickly and was a generous portion, well worth the price.  We did not order dessert this time, but I recall the desserts we shared last time were sumptuous without being pricy.  They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and my only regret is not being able to try something from each menu yet!  If you are in the area, create yourself a vivid meal memory, and eat at Prairie Bay.

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