Garden Options


As we creep ever closer to spring, it’s stimulating to think of all the options for the garden.  I would plant much more if I could, but we have limited space.  Cooking and gardening work so well together; nothing’s easier than using freshly-picked ingredients that were, moments ago, growing out back.  I’ll start off a spring “series” of posts offering tantalizing options for that perfect epicurian/cultivation mix.

Mole peppers did fairly well in our northern garden.  I only wish I had room to grow more!  Mole is one of those ultra-complex sauces that is never the same wherever you have it.  I like a sauce that’s so complex, you’re hard-pressed to name all of the ingredients.  I have tried making it, but the mole-making disaster of ’10 necessitates that I try again this year.  This pepper will always have a home in my garden and the sauce will hopefully be a “win” this year on the plate.

Mole Peppers–Holy-Mol–.htm

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