“The Sistine Chapel… of Green Tomato”

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Chef Fabio has a quick and tasty way to enjoy green tomatoes.  This may be the only way I’ll get to enjoy tomatoes from our garden, as just about the time they are ripe, they are gone! (e.g. my wife has eaten them right off the vine, or the vexing planting zone 5 phenomenon also known as the “tomato monster”)  We always plant quite a few plants in our limited space to maximize tomato production.

These stuffed green tomatoes were making me hungry!


2 thoughts on ““The Sistine Chapel… of Green Tomato”

  1. We’ve got three types of tomatoes in our garden this year. One I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. It’s a purple striped hierloom tomato.

    Some years we get tons of tomatoes and in others not so much. Last year was a down year for us, so I’m hoping it comes back this year.

  2. Fabulous! I love fried green tomatoes and pretty much grow my own just to pick them when green. Can’t wait to try building the Sistine Chapel in my own tomato. Fabio just cracks me up, this episode had me rolling on the floor. If he grows a tomato plant on his shirt, I want to grow one too!

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